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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is what many nutritionists tell us, hoping we are going to change our habits and start eating a lot in the morning. However, many people go to work on an empty stomach, waiting for the lunch to eat a proper meal. Others prefer to munch on snacks while working, managing to skip all meals until they get back home, in the evening. These people are prone to developing digestive troubles, as the human body needs its regular meals, in order to be able to function properly. If you are one of them, you have to consider the reasons why you don’t want to eat in the morning. Once you understand this, you may want to try one of Maryn’s best breakfast dishes, as they are easy to prepare and a pleasure to eat. You won’t go to work without having breakfast ever again.

leftoverturkeyandsweetpotatofrittata-550x801The first of the Maryn’s breakfast ideas to try is the leftover frittata. All you need are a few eggs and leftovers from yesterday’s dinner. If you have cold turkey, olives, cheese, ham or even roasted vegetables, you’re all set to prepare the best breakfast meal ever. You need to dice all the leftovers, beat two or three eggs on top of them and mix everything very well. Heat a pan with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, put the egg mix in the pan and cook it over very low heat. Cover the pan with a lid. After two minutes, use a spatula and flip the frittata over. Cover again and allow it to cook for one more minute. The whole process is going to take you about five minutes, just as much as you’ll need to eat your breakfast.

bw2a05_pancakes_s4x3-jpg-rend-sniipadlargePancakes are also one of Marty’s best breakfast dishes. The good thing about them is that you can eat them with various toppings, so you don’t risk to get bored by having the same meal every morning. Savory or sweet, almost anything can be a good topping for your pancakes.

melting-grilled-cheese-momsSandwiches with melted Cheddar cheese are perfect if you want a warm and filling breakfast to give you the needed energy to overcome the challenges of the morning. All you need are some slices of bread, a little butter, and cheese. Butter the bread, add a slice of cheese on top, and then microwave it for about 30 seconds. With less than one minute of preparation, you’ll obtain a yummy breakfast.

486_1_1438962870Smoked salmon is another idea that works great for breakfast. Of course, you have to like fish. You can prepare scrambled eggs and fold your smoked salmon into them. Some onion may go very well with it, but you need to be careful, as onions are going to give your breathe an odor that might bother your colleagues. Anyway, you can always prepare this dish for weekend breakfasts, when you don’t have to meet people in the first part of the day.

breakfast1Pastries can also make great breakfasts. According to Maryn, you can use frozen dough. Fill it up with diced mushrooms or with meat leftovers, put it in the oven and bake it for 20 minutes, and you’ll have a tasty and warm breakfast. The good thing about these pastries is that you can take some with you to work, just in case you may need a snack before lunch time.

These are only five of the breakfast dishes you can try, without having to know how to cook. As long as you are committed to switching to a healthier lifestyle, you won’t be bothered by the additional time you’ll require getting ready for work in the morning. Your body is going to be thankful.

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No one is arguing the point that salads can be boring. Mention the word salad the any man and the response is going to be negative. However the truth of the matter is that a good salad can be just as satisfying as a large steak with all the trimmings, it’s just a case of applying your mind to all the delicious ingredients that are out there. This is especially true now that almost anyone can have access to organic produce at your neighborhood grocery store.

So how about these great salad ideas that will have everyone coming back for seconds.

#1 The Barbecue Chicken Salad.


This is an absolute favorite with young and old. And it’s packed full of protein and vegetable goodness.

First make sure that you buy great chicken – breasts are the best. Griddle cook those breasts in olive oil after adding some kosher salt and a generous dash of ground pepper. Now for the best bits. Some lettuce, Romaine is a favorite and add some baby tomato and some canned black beans and corn. Just rip that lettuce up and toss. Add some chopped red onion and garnish with cheese of your choice. This goes great with a Ranch dressing. Nice and simple.

#2 Bacon And Pasta.


Who doesn’t love bacon – and who doesn’t love pasta? This is a great (and filling) summer time treat.

You’ll want to fry up some back bacon and drain it. Get the rest of the salad ready by preparing some pasta – I like elbow pasta, but feel free to improvise. Kosher salt and ground black pepper to taste and add two avocados diced. A handful of fresh thyme makes this really pop. Just tear it up and add. Lemon juice and mayo with an added bit of olive oil as dressing and you’re ready to go.

#3 Classic Greek Salad.


This has been a classic for a long time for a reason – it’s delicious. And its really simple to prepare. First the Greek bit. Take some Kalamata olives – as many as you want and add to that crispy lettuce. Add some great onions – red onions are great. Feta cheese is required, just crumble it in. One hard boiled egg just ripped apart and some lemon zest and you’re ready to go. Some folk love to add Greek yogurt dressing – and we can’t argue with that approach – and if you’re feeling friendly a bit of crushed garlic won’t hurt.

#4 Lime And Shrimp Salad.


There are very few people on the planet (aside from those with shellfish allergies) who are not going to go crazy for this salad. It’s simple and it’s perfect for summer. Just use those easy to prepare jumbo shrimp that you can get in a can – if you’re feeling the summer happy then seer them on a griddle. Then add a bit of lettuce (your choice), some crushed walnuts and off course the avocado. Canned corn can also add some crunch. Dressing should be light – just a sprinkle of lemon and some olive oil will do the trick.

#5 The BLT.


This is possibly the greatest ode to the American dream. It’s got everything that you need for absolute happiness. Bacon, lettuce, Tomato. So simple and yet so delicious. A classic without the bun (or two slices of white bread). Back or shoulder bacon as crispy as possible and your choice of lettuce. Rip that lettuce up into bite size pieces. Cherry tomatoes to taste (the more the better). Goats milk cheese and apple cider vinegar with a dash of olive oil and a pour of lime.

Enjoy these – they’re healthy and a great option for summer fun.

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